My Socially Awkward Trip to the Theme Park with Three Strangers

It was November 5th yesterday and here in the U.K we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, or what we sometimes refer to as simply, “Bonfire Night”. There’s always lots of events going on with music, food, fireworks and sometimes a large bonfire.  I used to be too depressed to go to events but I try to get out-and-about more now. This year there was an event at my local theme park with fireworks and the opportunity to ride rollercoasters until late at night. Since I love rollercoasters and feel less self-conscious under the cover of darkness I really wanted to go. Problem is, I’m a socially anxious loser with no friends. But over the last few months I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t really mind inviting strangers to things so that’s what I did.

Ugh, remind me never to do this again!

As part of the deal I offered to pay. Why, why, why?! I suppose I thought I had to throw that in there to encourage someone to go with me. Well, I ended up with one person wanting to go with me to ride the rollercoasters but they also brought two friends who didn’t want to ride rollercoasters (who I still had to pay an entry fee for). And they were all foreign with limited English.

Ugh, remind me never to do this again!

Now, if any of you are thinking to tell me I should just go places on my own: a) everybody already tells me this, and b) I do go everywhere on my own, that’s why I’m fed up of going everywhere on my own.

I long to have even just one really good friend who likes the same things as me and we go do things together and have fun but, darn, I never manage to achieve this! Most of my friends are e-friends and the few people I know in real-life are equally or more depressed than me and never want to leave the house.

So we get to the theme park, me and the three foreigners, I paid the horrific entry and ride fees – oh, and for the rides you get an unlimited ride ticket, by the way, they don’t do individual tickets for each ride. So, because I love rollercoasters I just want to go on everything but, obviously, I have to be polite and ask what foreigner wants to do. “Let’s start small,” she says. By the way, this is someone who painted herself as being a rollercoaster extremist… but, ok, we’ll start small. So we’re wandering forever, I’m looking around for an easy ride, eventually we find one and start queuing (half an hour!).

Ok, right here are two problems with going places with other people: 1) you gotta take what they wanna do into consideration and they’re not always clear about what they wanna do, and 2) you’re expected to verbally entertain them all the time. WTH?! I’m supposed to entertain you? I didn’t realise that was my job. I didn’t realise you were Nirvana. This is someone I don’t know, who can barely understand English and I’m supposed to talk to them for every half-hour-long queue?! And, annoyingly, I did try to make conversation only for her to give one-word answers so then I gave up (but she still complained that I didn’t talk to her).

But, ok, here was our day: Me waiting around forever for people to be ready, get to general area of theme park, everybody wants coffee, spend an hour getting coffee, spend ten minutes discussing whether to get a taxi or walk the rest of the way to the theme park, walk to theme park, spend 30 minutes walking around theme park, spend 30 minutes queuing, spend 30 seconds on a rollercoaster, spend another 30 minutes walking around (because Ms. Rollercoaster Extremist was scared of any of the big rides), spend another 30 minutes queuing, spend another 30 seconds on a rollercoaster*.

Rollercoaster buddy then wants a break (by this time it’s getting late and the rides are only open for another hour) but ok, we take a break (after two rides – remember, the tickets cost me a fortune…). Then we queued for another 30 minutes and went on one more ride. At this point she’s had enough and wants to go eat in McDonalds. Well, WTH?! So I let them all go to McDonalds while I race around trying to get my money’s worth out of my stupid ticket. As much as I’m fed up of going places on my own, I actually had way more fun in that last half hour even if I only managed to get on two more rides. But it annoyed me ‘cause the whole point was to have someone to go with and I’d spent a fortune on the day only to still end up on my own! Oh, and at no point did they thank me for buying the tickets, so that irked me as well.

It hasn’t put me off inviting random strangers to events because I am tired of doing everything on my own and you never know, one day I might meet the right person to hang out with, but I wouldn’t take other people to the theme park again unless I knew we got along and they liked rollercoasters.

Oh, and this has now left me so broke I’m not sure I can afford any other events this month >.<

*I know y’all are gonna be like, well, those are long queues for such short rides so it’s no wonder she was fed up. But how I usually go around theme parks is I rush around checking what’s got the shortest queues and do those ones first but she didn’t want to go on most of the rides. Annnd, some of the rides were longer than 30 seconds but, again, she didn’t want to go on most of the rides. So what can you do?!


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