I’m gonna to be taking a break from this blog for a while. As an introvert/socially anxious person, I feel kinda overwhelmed running 3 blogs! Not that I have to run three blogs but my teaching blog is good for my development as a teacher, my coding blog is good for my future computer science course and unfortunately that leaves this one being the least “essential”. I don’t feel I know what to do with it anyway, it’s kinda random, lol. There’s nothing wrong with random but I don’t feel I always show my best side here, I do rant and rave quite a lot and I think what my friends would say if they came across here (eek!). Sometimes it’s good to let off steam but, even on the internet, it seems these days there’s nowhere to hide!

Anyway, I intend to resurrect this blog, possibly under a new title once I move to London and will use it to document my experiences there. But that is a couple of months off so if any of you reading this follow me, I’ll understand if you’re not following me when I come back. I’ll still pop in here and there to see what everyone else is up to and I wish you all wonderful experiences and lots of exciting adventures.

Aliquo xx


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