Self-Censorship is Hard!

So I’m just taking a moment out from a teaching article I’m trying to write… and failing to write…. :sigh:

My tutor from my prior teacher-training course advised me to write a teaching blog over the summer. Now, I know I need to, and I kinda want to – it’s good for my ‘professional development’.   :sigh:

Problem is, I’m a naturally opinionated, fiery bish, and I’m also a Gemini, so multiple-personality disorder just kinda comes with the package.  I’m struggling to be… what I am, as a teacher, expected to be.

But I gotta get some articles on my teaching blog otherwise it’ll look empty and I’ll feel bad. Y’know, like stuff about what’s current in education, different teaching strategies, ways to engage and motivate students, etc, etc. But I am really struggling to write like some children’s TV presenter or some over-enthusiastic always-happy teacher. (And some of these topics are boring! Shhhh!) Do I need to write like that? Well, yeah! I looked at loads of other teaching blogs and the ones which are successful have that attitude. I mean, I can’t just write like I do here, because as a teacher I have to pretend I’m a robot with no opinions. I certainly can’t say anything controversial!

But, pff! I may have multiple-personality disorder but unfortunately none of my personalities are ‘children’s TV presenter’. My blog posts here perhaps take an hour or so to write because I’m just writing what I feel and it’s easy (and enjoyable). On my teaching blog, jeez… it can take days! I’m really struggling to write like that. I guess I’ll figure it out eventually…