Scam: Save Our Oceans

They want you to buy their Krole and Sons Vintage Traveller’s Watches!

Hey guys. I’ve been away for a while because: my workload is greater than the number of hours in a day. But nothing spurs me on for a blog post quite like assholes on the internet. So I’m back for one day only…

So I’m browzing through Facebook posts this morning and you know these annoying spammy ads they have? Well, I see this one: FREE GIVEAWAY!!! 5000 Krole and Sons Vintage Traveller’s Watches. RRP $79.99!! FREE! ENDS MIDNIGHT! QUICK! BUY BUY BUY!

And the watch looks so nice and exensive and unique. And it’s by a company called Save Our Oceans. They sound so trustworthy and reputable, right? They sound so giving and caring and generous, they want to save our oceans, they want to resuscitate turtles, we must support their cause! And it’s Krole and Sons, that sounds so legit, right? Like some expensive, vintage, family run company that really cares about you, not just your purse.

Anyway…, ok fine, I’m a sucker, I fell for it. Initially! (It said “free!”)

I’m thinking this “giveaway” musta gone already cause they have 5000 available and there’s 1.7k likes so F me, I always miss out on everything! But I click it, right? And hell, it’s still available! Right there, I’m like, “Hmmmmm….., is this a scam?” cause I never catch a break… Buy it’s still saying free so I don’t care! I go through the checkout and it’s like “you have 10 minutes to checkout” so of course I’m thinking, gotta get this, gotta get this, gotta get this. Hurry, hurry! Buy buy buy! But then it says $10.99 for shipping. Hmmm…. but…. the watch is RRP $79.99 so this is still a bargain, right?

But then I think, “Wait a minute…” The 8 minutes I had remaining on checkout gave me enough time to Google this and sure enough it’s a big fat scam. False advertising? Nah, c’mon, that’s too polite. It’s a big fat scam run by big fat crooked con artists who do not give a sh*t about resuscitating turtles! They just want your money! And they want it by MIDNIGHT!

The exact same item is available all over the internet for an average price of 1 dollar. Here’s an example on for $1.27 with free p&p. It’s exactly the same item.

Save Our Oceans’ Facebook page ( is dedicated not to saving our oceans but to selling cheap costume jewellery at extortionate prices. Take a look yourself and you’ll see constant “giveaways” and “special offers” which claim to be short term but which repeat every few days and no-one seems to notice :twilight zone music:

What can be done about this? Absolutely nothing! We live in a society that favors con artists and punishes people who have a problem with that.

I called them out on their Facebook page as scammy assholes. I even got a message back…, it read:
“Hi Aliquo, This is Ruth from the Save Our Oceans team. Thanks very much for your interest in our Kröle & Sons Vintage Traveler’s Watch. 🙂 I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that this is probably the last day we’re giving them out. Here’s the link to get one if you’re still interested! —> Yours, Ruth. Customer Service Manager”.
So obviously they didn’t read my message. Also I imagine they delete any negative comments they get. I didn’t scroll through all 1.3k comments but from the 30 or so I looked at none directly called them out. The closest I saw was: “this sounds too good to be true…”

I reported the page: I don’t know if Facebook actually takes any action from someone reporting a page because they don’t tell you when you click that button. They offer: “to resolve this you can block or hide their posts“. Well I don’t want to do that, I want them to be reported so they stop scamming people.

This is their website: where you can find many more items at extortionate prices which are available on ebay for 99c + free p&p. They also do “giveaways” and “special offers” there: get it now! Quick quick! Offer ends midnight! Last one! Quick quick! Buying over-priced costume jewellery saves turtles! Buy buy buy! Only $10.99 for shipping and handling!

“Are you passionate about our oceans? So are we!” Awwwww… so fake! Bye bye bye!