London – Day 12: No One Wants To Listen To Your Bullshit Music!

Back-story: I’m homeless in London; I live in a hostel. It’s a hoot.

Wednesday – ok, I gotta rant about these damn kids!

So I live in this hostel in what I dub “The Teenage Girls’ Room” because it’s full of teenage girls! (Probably actually 20-somethings but.. I can’t tell the difference!)

And they’re selfish man! That’s what I don’t like about you New Millennials – you’re parents taught you absolutely Zero manners ZERO! You care about no-one but yourself, y’all are wannabe popstars and think fame is everything and y’all think your worthy of being famous!! Y’all think you’re gonna be the new [whoever you kids are into these days]. Y’all think you’re sooo pretty and sooo awesome even though y’all have shitty music and shitty manners and shitty morals and shitty educations and shitty boyfriends/girlfriends/friends in general, and y’all have no hygiene neither. Y’all think your so lit and so woke but you worship loser-ish men like gods and put women’s liberation back 50 years.


Maybe it’s just cuz y’all are young but y’all watch too much YouTube and Netflix and think you’re worthy of greatness and think you’re gonna be somebody just cuz you got 5000 likes on the ‘Gram or cuz you were featured on Porn Hub with your shitty ex-boyfriend. Get real, y’all are just numbers like us Old Millenials and all the other generations, get used to it.

Very few people are actually worthy of greatness. And what’s so great about greatness anyway? Your still gonna die at the end of the day. Fame does not equal immortality. It equals being put on a pedestal by losers who want to fuck you or become you. And being hated by a lot of other people who want to blame you for shit or who don’t like your shitty music.

I mean, seriously, being able to sing and being Mariah Carey are two different things. Just cause you can “technically” sing, doesn’t mean you have a “great” singing voice. This chick in the Teenage Girls’ Room whips out her damn guitar at 10pm at night and starts twanging away and singing in her mediocre diet-coke voice and I’m like FOR REAL BISH!?!?!?! No one wants to listen to your bullshit music! You’re mediocre. What kinda ego does your generation have that you think people want to listen to your crap at 10pm at night? This ain’t X Factor motherfucker! This is a hostel dorm room at 10 at night and I wanna get some goddamn sleep! You been watching too many movies! Get real with your mediocre self!

You wanna play guitar in the common room – ok. You wanna play it during daytime hours (when I’m far away) – ok. But not 10pm at night, bish. GTFO with your inconsiderate self!

And they’re all like that. Not just this one kid. All these New Millenials are the same: egocentric, full of themselves, narcissistic and they got NO MANNERS. They don’t consider other people because they’re self-absorbed and think the world revolves around them. You are just a number like the rest of us sad losers – go cry, emo kid.

And, another thing, they’re always taking up room. In the common room here at the hostel there’s no where to sit and it’s always so noisy cause these kids put their shit everywhere and steal all the chairs to put their dirty feet on and they put the TV  on super loud or the stereo on super loud to listen/watch what they want because: no consideration for other people!